can we talk about how detailed matt’s wig is



whatever happened to the mattsmithshair blog? I want to follow it.



My banana looks like Matt Smith

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paradoxe-de-la-lumiere-noire asked: The thing about Matt Smith's haircut is that in Silence in the Library, River said that the day she met the Doctor, he arrived with a new haircut. Just an interesting tidbit regarding continuity.

Anonymous asked: matt smith got a haircut. i feel like this is an issue that should concern you.

I’m concerned

asinhadefrango asked: Did you know the tumblr about Matt's socks?

nope but I don’t doubt it exists

dani-in-the-tardis asked: OHMYGOD I WISH I WAS YOU! YOUR BLOG IS SO PERF! Also, THE WHOLE CAST KNOWS ABOUT YOU! I can't breathe... so jealous...

thanks! and being me is not that great tbh. trust me, I know

sugarpunkhurricane asked: if you dont have missing e installed on your ipad you cant reblog yourself.

Dude the fact that I just did, twice, happens to negate that.

srrrevans asked: abby! you are reblobbing pictures of yourself to MATT SMITH'S HAIR what if someone SEES YOU

I swear to god my iPad does this to me every time I reblog myself. BUT WHY